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Christmas Season Kick Off (CSKO) ṭobul


Unit Ṭhalai Pawl Committee in a rel angin Thlaphal 28, 2012 a inthawk Christmas Season Kick Off hi hmang ṭan a nih. Hi kum a inthawk hin sukdik tung peiin kumtin, harsatna dang dang hripui le indo hun a hai khawm a hmang dan riruongna dang dang siem a hmang hlak a niin a tlangpuiin Thlaphal thla tawp annawleh Mîmtukthla thla bul a hmang a nih.


Isu Krista piengchampha Krismas ei hmang hlak le inzawma Christmas Season Kick Off hi hmang a hung ni a. Ber thla ei hung chuongkai ta hin chu, nisa hung inhekin boruok hai a hung inthlak danglam a. Khawpui le tlangram a um hai khawm buoi tak karah ei lungril a hai Bethlehem dar ri a hung in ri ṭan det det ta hlak.

Krismas hun ni tlawmte a la baka inbuotsai ṭan chau thaw loin, Thlaphal thla tawp annawleh Mîmtukthla thla bul a hmang a ni hlak a. Christmas Season Kick Off hmang a ni ta hin chu kohran sung a inkhawmna le program hai Krismas âwn zawnga hmang ṭan hung niin, Krismas ding le inzawma Biekin cheina hai khawm suk de ṭan a hung ni ta bawk. An entir tak chu, Lal piengchampha ei hmang ding hi ei tlung hma thla khat vel a la um a inthawk hin lungril le taksa inbuotsaina fepui ni ta sien ti a nih.

Mihriem lungril lapeng theitu tam tak el a um a, mihriem sinthaw buoi ei tam deu deu bawk. Krismas khawm ngaithana annawleh pangngai taka palzut el nuomna lungril hai um thei a ni tah. CSKO hmang a ni hin, taksa le thlarau in Bethlehem tieng ngha a inpuochana official takin a mi hawng pek a nih.


‘Celebration’ thil a ni leiin a thei chinah biekin tuolzawl ah hmang hlak a ni a. Remchangnawna a um hun ah Hall te a hai hmangin Online a hmang a ni hun khawm a um. A puithu thei dan ang takin theitawpa induong hlak a niin Mizoram hlasak thiem dam, tuolsung hlasakthiem, Choir dam hmangpui an lo ni ta hlak.

CSKO hawngna in meipui sit var a ni hlak a, rimawi tienga ennuom um dam, Krismas thucha le hlamawi tak tak hai ngaithlak hlak a nih. Thawlawm lakkhawm hlak niin, lakkhawm a um hai hi Krismas tawm deuah fahra hai enkawlna hmun a dam, ṭhangpui ngai hai ṭhangpuina in Krismas chibai bukna a hmang hlak a nih.

Ṭhalai el chau ni loin kohran hunpui pakhat ve a hung ni ta pei a, kumbul a inthawk a nghakhla um, member haiin an itung huoi huoi a hung ni tah.

Tukum (2023) hnam indo tlung leiin a ‘celebration’ ang zawnga huoihawt loin indo leia IDP um hai ta dingin, an ni puolbik a khûn taka hmang a ni a. Sawmdawlna thawlawm khawm lakkhawm a ni nghe nghe.


Christmas Season Kick Off (CSKO) Tradition


The Christmas Season Kickoff (CSKO) tradition had its inception on November 28, 2012, following a resolution by the Unit Youth Committee. Since then, it has persisted, adapting to circumstances while typically occurring in late November or the first week of December.


CSKO serves as the inaugural event marking the commencement of Christmas celebrations. As the "Ber months" arrive with slanting sunlight and changing weather, both rural and urban areas alike feel the subtle chime of Bethlehem bells in their thoughts.

The intention is to shift our focus to the impending birth of Jesus Christ. Instead of last-minute preparations, CSKO prompts us to commence our spiritual and physical preparations at least a month in advance. It sets the stage for churches to pivot toward Christmas, adorning themselves with lights and decorations, emphasizing the significance of the King's birth.

In a world filled with distractions and busyness, the CSKO acts as a formal initiation, directing our minds, bodies, and souls towards Bethlehem.


The celebration usually occurs outdoors on the church premises. In cases of constraints, it might shift to halls or even take place online. The program strives to be exceptional, often featuring performances by renowned singers from Mizoram alongside local talents and choirs.

The CSKO commences with the lighting of a fire, accompanied by captivating musical performances and Christmas sermons. During this gathering, offerings are collected to assist orphans or those in need.

Over the years, this event has grown beyond a youth-oriented program, becoming a significant annual affair for the entire church community, eagerly anticipated and joyously embraced.

In 2023, due to the ongoing conflict in Manipur, the traditional festivities were altered. However, the spirit of CSKO persisted, taking on a more solemn tone as it was dedicated to internally displaced persons (IDPs), with collections made to aid those in distress.

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