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About Us

An organ of the Sielmat ICI Youth Department - a weekly newsletter in Hmar dialect, Ṭhalai Weekly was established in the year 2005. Published again in 2010 after a break of 4 years.

Ṭhalai Weekly journal is issued every Sunday morning. It contains articles on spiritual areas of life and other social issues by writers from various walks of life.

As Ṭhalai Weekly is the only existing local weekly newsletter of the village. It also serves as an important tool for circulating local news, events and a chance to engage in journalism or writing for the locals of Sielmat village.

To commemorate its 10th anniversary, Ṭhalai Weekly website was launched on the 12th of August, 2020 at ICI Gospel Centenary Guest House.

- Website managed by Documenting Team

Editor: Christopher Sielhnam (8248667613)

Jt. Editor: Pauremlal (8415091059)

Finance & Treasurer: Ramfangzaua (9612854814)

Joshua L. Amo
Joseph Remruotsang
Joyful Ṭhiek
Chairman & Secretary (Ex-officio

Chairman: Anthony Buongpui

Vice Chairman: Paul Nathan

Secretary: Enoch Peter

Asst Secretary: Pu Joshua L. Amo

Committee member hai:

James L. Amo

Chawngsangkung (Development Fund)


Paul Nathan

Josiah Buongpui (Missionary Support Fund)

Christopher Sielhnam

Reuben Biete (One Day for Christ)

Kevin Fimrolung (Presb Fin/Faiṭham)

Joseph Remruotsang


Vasty Lalengvar (Local Finance)

Elida Lalramsan (Missionary Support Fund)

Christina Zarzomawi

Jessica Lalṭhakim (Local Treasurer)

Deborah Infimate (Birthday Gift)

Abigail Lalsangpui

Miriam Biete

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