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Ei member Esther in Young Scientist Award

Ei ṭhalai member Nk. Esther Lalringzo chun 18th Uttarakhand State Science and Technology Conference (18th USSTC) ah “Young Scientist Award” for best presentation under the category of "Medical and Pharmaceutical Science" a dawng. Hi chawimawina hi Uttarakhand Council of Science and Technology (UCOST) in a buotsai a nih.

Thlavul 28, 2024 khan Vigyan Dham, Regional Science Centre Dehradun ah chawimawina hi Uttarakhand Governor in an hlan.

Nk. Esther hi AIIMS Rishikesh a Department of Psychiatry ah PhD thaw lai zing a nih. Hieng ang chawimawina dawng hi ei lawm a, dawng belsa pei dingin ei ditsak a, ṭhalai member hai ta dinga chona ṭha intluntu a ni ngei bawk ei beisei a nih.

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