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Youth Week: Cleaning the Sielmat River [PHOTOS]

As part of the activities planned for Youth Week 2024, we conducted a cleanliness drive today, May 18, 2024, even before the official kickoff. Seizing the opportunity, we focused on cleaning the garbage dumped beside the Sielmat-Bijang Bridge.

More than 30 youths participated, and the amount of garbage collected required three trips by the garbage truck to dispose off it all. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Pi Ruati Jonsen for her support, generous provision of meals, and thoughtful gesture of providing financial assistance. We are profoundly thankful for her invaluable contribution.

We urge everyone to cherish and protect our precious river by not using it as a dumping ground. Please dispose off your garbage responsibly—either give it to scavengers or burn it within your compounds.

During the cleanup, our member Matthew was injured and required seven stitches near his thigh. We wish him a speedy recovery and ask everyone to keep him in their prayers.


Ṭhalai chawlkar vadung inthiel

Vawisun Thlaphur 18, 2024 khan Ṭhalai chawlkar 2024 le inzawma khawtlang a ṭangkai ding iemani bek thaw ding ti le inzawmin, Ṭhalai Chawlkar la tlung chie naw inla khawm remchang hmasa lem a ngai leiin Sielmat le Bijang infepawna leilak hnuoia Sielmat vadung inthiel fai a nih.

Zingkar bu fak hma a inthawk sin hi ṭan a ni a, ṭhalai member 30 neka tam fekhawmin hmunhnawk inthiel a ni a. Hmunhnawk hi truck vawithum in a thak lawn a nih. Pi Ruati Jonsen in Ṭhalai hai kuoma lawmthu hrilna thilpek le thlaithleng a buotsai pek na thuah lawmthu ei hril a nih.

Ei vadung hi hmangai ei tiu a, hmunhnawk dehawnna ringawt a hmang loin duot taka enkawltu ni tum seng ei tiu. Sielmat mipui le a sevela ṭhenum um hai khawma, vadunga hmunhnawk dehawn el ta loin hmunhnawk lakhawmtu hai pek annawleh raw hmang dam hi inchuk tum pei ei tiu.

Ṭhalai member Tv. Matthew an suk pal met a, Hospital ah a ke hmun 7 ṭhui a ni a. A hung damfel vat theina dingin ei ṭawngṭaina ah hrieng ei tiu. Ṭhalai Chawlkar 2024 hi hung tlung ding Thlaphur 20-26, 2024 sung hin Roberts Jubilee Chapel a hmang ning a tih.


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